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Netflix Pic: Fallen Angels

I never recommend bad movies, ever. Usually I can back my picks up with more logical arguments than “This movie is cool”, though. Fallen Angels is cool. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

I first watched Wong Kar-Wai‘s 墮落天使  (doesn’t the title look so much cooler that way?) back on August 2. I didn’t know how to write about it then, and I don’t know how to write about it now, but I do know that I have to write about it. This movie is proof that all style/no substance can work, and it’s still blowing my mind.

To be fair, Fallen Angels isn’t completely devoid of substance. It’s about a hit man who needs to get over the affections of his beautiful and elusive partner before he can get out of the killing game. It’s about a quirky mute fellow who forces people to pay him for things they don’t want. It’s about an emotional woman searching the night for her ex-boyfriend. But mostly it’s about a few neon Hong Kong nights and how they all come together in the end, in a diner, during a brawl. [SPOILER? The screen grab above is from just about the very last shot in the movie, but it’s on the cover so it’s not a spoiler. SPOILER?]

Fallen Angels is a movie you watch with a pack of cigarettes instead of a bowl of popcorn. Is it a good film? Definitely. Is it a great one? Probably. The music is pretty fantastic. Watch it on Netflix, which is no longer Netflix Instant, because Netflix Slow is now Qwickster.