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Mandatory Viewing: The Cove

Not everybody wants to see a documentary, but there are some documentaries everybody should see. Documentaries that can teach you things about worlds you may never have known existed otherwise. Documentaries that can make you better, smarter people. Documentaries that will leave you happy, sad, excited, or mad. Documentaries that will enrich your lives. That’s what Mandatory Viewing is here for.

I’m trying to inflate this blog with enough categories for me to post every day. I can’t (or won’t) write seven full reviews a week, so we’ll see how I do with subcategories like this one and yesterday’s Why I Love Movies. With Mandatory Viewing, I’m not going to lay down any lengthy plot summaries or petition you to watch this documentary because blah blah blah. If you’re interested but on the fence, Wikipedia will give you all the info you need to decide whether to take my advice. All this is is a recommendation, and I can guarantee I’ll never make a bad one. You’ll just have to trust me until you can believe me.

I’ll even throw in those Wikipedia links (The Cove The Cove The Cove) and trailers to sweeten the deal. You won’t even have to look anything up yourself.

Now that the explanations are out of the way, go watch The Cove. It’s an espionage-laced animal rights documentary that’s not nearly as hippy-dippy as you’d probably expect such a thing would be.