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In Frame: The Staircase Scene from ‘Faces’

In Frame: Cassavetes’ ‘Faces’

I just saw John CassavetesFaces for the first time (streaming on Netflix until August 3).  Glorious realism!  After watching this and Shadows, it’s easy to see how his work may have influenced the mumblecore movement (which I love).

But this post isn’t about any of that. This is a quick note about how the director chose to light and frame his main subjects, Mr. (John Marley) and Mrs. (Lynn Carlin) Forst, during an argument near the end of the film.

Light, dark, up, down. What does it mean? How does it relate to the film’s title?

And check out this over-the-shoulder shot.

COMING SOON: A lengthy pictorial analysis of the final scene in Faces. You know, on the staircase. I’ve got all the shots lined up, but it’s late right now and I’d like to reflect on the film a bit before I really spout off about it.