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Netflix Pics: ‘La Moustache’

From Netflix:

Marc (Vincent Lindon) has worn a mustache all his adult life. One day on a whim, he decides to shave it off. Certain his wife will comment on the drastic change in his appearance, Marc is baffled when neither she nor friends notice at all. Even more disturbing is that once he calls attention to it, everyone insists he’s never had a mustache.

This is the simple premise behind La Moustache, Emmanuel Carrere‘s 2005 French thriller based on his novel of the same name. What sounded to me like an excitingly original idea for a comedy turned out to be the setup to one of the better thrillers you can find streaming on Netflix Instant.

The very first scene in La Moustache, pictured above, is Marc shaving his titular facial hair. Every turn the film takes from that point on is unexpected. Has Marc gone crazy? Are all his friends playing a big joke on him?

It’s a good sign when a movie can keep an interested audience wondering what’s real, and with head games that start within its first 5 minutes, La Moustache will leave you guessing through – and long after – its 87-minute run time.

No spoilers here, people. You’ll have to see this movie for yourselves. It earned every one of the five stars I gave it in my Netflix rating, and if you like puzzling psychological thrillers, it’ll earn yours too.

I posted the link twice already, but here it is again. It’s less than an hour and a half long. You can thank me later.

Seriously, who else is going to recommend this one to you? It would be awfully lame to forget all about this post and miss out on a fantastic movie like La Moustache.  You can at least pop it into your queue, right?